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The first turnkey NAS in the cloud
$10/terabyte/month. Unlimited expansion. No maintenance fees.
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The functionality of a NAS with the
cost and security of the cloud
Complete NAS Filer Functionality
Cloud NAS simplifies your data management by providing unlimited file-based data storage to all of the devices on your network. Cloud NAS supports both NFS and SMB/CIFS and can be shared across Windows, Linux, Mac and Unix environments in one or more sites.
Turnkey Appliance, No Management Cost
Get started in 10 minutes without time-consuming and expensive integration services. Cloud NAS includes a turnkey appliance that provides immediate access to our cloud from a familiar NAS interface.
Comprehensive Security
Cloud NAS encrypts your data at rest using AES-256 and limits access to the administrator and anyone he or she authorizes. Data transmission takes place over TLS v1.2.
The Ultimate Data Archiving Solution
Cloud NAS is an alternative to tape backup and archiving solutions and provides immediate access to your storage with the lowest industry Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Multi-Site Access
Install multiple Cloud NAS appliances in each of your locations and provide seamless and secure access to all your data from every office.
Ultra Reliable
Cloud NAS has an ultra-reliable infrastructure that ensures durability for your most important data.
Unlimited Expansion
Start with as little as 10TB and grow in 10TB increments, scaling to exabytes of storage seamlessly.
Best Pricing in the Industry
Cloud NAS costs $.01/GB/month—the best pricing in the industry for online archival—and offers the only solution that makes your data available immediately from a standard NAS interface.
How It Works
Install Cloud NAS on your network.
Configure Cloud NAS and add users.
Provision storage in increments of 10TB. Grow your storage on-demand with no downtime and unlimited expansion.
Number of users per device
Price per month
Supports multi-site
Redundant power supply
Redundant gigabit ethernet
Hardware cost
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Use Cases
Log Files and Archiving
Cloud NAS offers a durable, affordable and scalable alternative to tape backup. Enterprises maintain massive collections of data, from log files and email databases to financial and legal documentation, sales records, analytics data, employee files and everything in between. Cloud NAS makes it simple to archive everything with no upfront cost and no maintenance fees.
Hospitals and doctors’ offices are required to keep petabytes of patient records, X-rays, MRIs and more on file for years to comply with regulations. Cloud NAS helps you maintain a secure, low-cost archive of patient data that’s instantly available and organized according to your office’s preferred file structure.
Media Files
Surveillance videos, photo libraries, news footage, uncut movies and other media repositories require massive amounts of secure storage that needs to scale over time. Cloud NAS provides immediate access to your media and scales seamlessly—and affordably—over time as your libraries grow.
Architecture and Engineering
CAD drawings, BIM models, 3D renderings and other massive files typically live on a server that’s maintained by a team. Cloud NAS provides architects and engineers with self-service access to low-cost storage and eliminates the overhead associated with server maintenance.
Many industries face strict legal requirements to preserve data for years or even decades, often resulting in significant maintenance and management fees to keep servers running. Cloud NAS provides a secure, economical way to maintain terabytes, petabytes or even exabytes of storage according to compliance regulations.
On-premise Storage Solution
Cloud Engines also works with on-premise object storage systems from major vendors including EMC, Cleversafe and DDN. If you would like more information about how you can create a cross-site file-based storage solution using your own object storage solution, please get in touch.
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About Us
Cloud Engines, Inc. was founded in 2007 by seasoned executives from the digital media and Internet security industries. The company provides cloud storage technology and services for industry-leading mobile carriers, retailers and service providers including Sprint, Best Buy, Toshiba, Yahoo! Japan, Bouygues Telecom and many more.
Cloud Engines, Inc. has received $34 million in funding from top-tier investors including:
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