Storage Virtualization Platform
Your company needs an ever-expanding storage pool to power your user and application storage. For the lowest TCO and highest reliability, this requires using the best price/performance solutions at each growth point.
The CE/OSV platform lets you build and manage an exabyte-scale, unified storage pool across multiple mix-and-match storage vendors and platforms, including commodity hardware solutions.
Unified Storage
Unify all of your existing storage solutions into a single virtual object and file pool. Grow on demand with full object and file access across mix-and-match vendor solutions. CE/OSV provides adapters for the most popular commercial and open source storage systems, and software technologies for reliably using pure commodity hardware.
No Vendor or Hardware Platform Lock-in
Current scale-out storage solutions require a common vendor and hardware platform. This forces a long-term commitment to hardware infrastructure that is unlikely to be the best fit at each expansion point. CE/OSV unlocks your storage from any one storage vendor or storage platform.
Storage Tiering
Not all storage platforms are the same. CE/OSV intelligently routes different object and file types to your different storage systems managed by CE/OSV. Use tiering to cache hot items in faster, flash-based storage systems, while routing less frequently accessed objects and files to lower cost commodity storage systems.
CE/OSV allows you to virtually segregate storage for your groups, users and applications. Define storage and usage quotas for each tenant using your storage system.
Geo-distributed Storage
CE/OSV intelligently distributes storage across multiple datacenters and geos for high availability and disaster recovery. CE/OSV provides this functionality regardless of the underlying storage platforms and with minimal storage overhead.
Geo-based Storage Fencing
The recent introduction of strict European storage requirements forces many companies to restrict where data is physically stored. CE/OSV enables you to geo-fence your data into specific geos or countries, ensuring compliance with storage requirements and increasing access speeds by keeping users close to their data.
Durable Storage
As part of the CE/OSV platform, Cloud Engines provides an alternative to open source object stores. Turn any commodity hardware into enterprise-grade, highly durable object storage that works side-by-side with your other storage systems, all managed by CE/OSV.
Simple Software License
CE/OSV has a straight forward software license, ensuring that enterprises with any combination of storage solutions, including commodity hardware, have access to storage virtualization.
Flexible Hardware/Storage
CE/OSV runs in your own environment on your own hardware.
Simple Infrastructure Management
Manage your own exabyte-scale storage solution with minimal setup and overhead. CE/OSV makes monitoring and management of the storage virtualization platform simple and easy.
Unlimited Expansion
Start with as much storage as you need, with no minimum, and grow in increments that make sense to your business, scaling to exabytes of storage seamlessly.
Multiple Datacenter Support
Run CE/OSV in one or more datacenters across one or more geographies.
Customizable End-user Apps
CE/OSV comes with a full suite of customizable consumer applications. Apps include backup software for Mac and Windows, a rich cross-browser Web interface and native mobile apps for iOS and Android.
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